Collateral Consequences of Convictions

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Published by

Matthew Ozment

on June 15, 2023

A collateral consequence goes beyond the conviction itself and can impact how, or even where, a person serves out an active portion of their sentence.

Beyond the sentence, it can affect a person’s eligibility to get certain jobs, vote, qualify for certain housing, possess a firearm, and more.

When facing serious charges, it can be tempting to jump at a plea offer that might not require jail time, is a reduction from the original charge, or appears to be a favorable deal. It’s important to consider collateral consequences to evaluate the lasting impact of a criminal conviction and to make a thorough determination on what a conviction might mean in the long run:

  • Is this conviction expungable?
  • Can this conviction be used to enhance a future allegation?
  • Will this conviction affect my firearm privileges?
  • Will this conviction suspend my driver’s license?

These questions and more are important to consider while preparing for trial or before entering a plea deal.

The lawyers at Grove Ozment can help advise you on the collateral consequences of a conviction. This thoughtful approach will make sure you have all information you need to make the best decision for today and your future. Call us today or contact us online for a free consultation.